September 26, 2014

In 2004, my friends Johnny and Emily invited me to their wedding in Dallas, so I went to see them get married and be a part of the festivities. Johnny is one of my oldest friends and is like family, so I didn’t want to miss it. After the wedding and reception at their church, the bride and groom and a group of friends all went to a popular restaurant where Johnny used to work, called Terelli’s. We had a big table and had a really festive dinner. It was a fun group of people, as Johnny used to front bands for years and has a lot of interesting friends.

Terelli’s was very busy on this night, as it was a weekend, and it was prom season. We figured that out because all these great looking young people kept showing up all dressed up and were all over the restaurant around us. We were tripping out at how grown up and sophisticated some of them looked. We were all drinking wine and being boisterous at our table celebrating, and I said something that was overheard by a nearby table… I was making a joke about how Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were very big news in the media at that moment in time because of their big age difference. I said something like, “Wow these 17 year old boys sure are handsome… Hey, have you ever heard of Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher?!” hahaha

A few minutes later, the waitress brought me a cocktail napkin with a note written on it. It said, “You are very beautiful. I’m a 17+1 year old. Call me…” and it had his name and phone number. (I can’t recall his name now so I’ll call him Andrew.) Our whole table was now trying to figure out who wrote the note and we were beyond entertained by this. We were laughing about it and joking and I had the funny idea to call him while sitting at the table with everyone, so everyone watched and listened while I called.

His dad answered the phone! I was all, “Is Andrew there?” And his dad said, “No he’s not.” And I said, “Is he at the prom?”and he said, “He’s at dinner before the prom. Would you like to leave a message?” And I said, “No thanks, I’ll just see him at the prom.” And then I hung up and our entire table of 15 or so people were roaring in laughter. I think I almost cried. I assume the 18 year old guy saw and heard all this but none of us could figure out who sent the note.

This kid had some really big balls, because the next thing he did was walk right up to me and my loud obnoxious table of friends, in all of his 6’2” tuxedo’ed splendor, and introduce himself to me. Wow, kid! He said, “Hi, I’m Andrew, I’ve been sitting over at that table with my sister. My prom date’s sister died today so I have to take my sister to the prom. I was wondering if you would go with me?” WOW! I was 30 years old and I got asked to prom by a hunk. My friends, especially Johnny, the groom, really wanted me to go to the prom with this guy. I really had to weigh the options.

I asked him where it was and he said “Euless,” which is a far out suburb from where we were. Also I had been drinking wine and enjoying it, and was enjoying being with my friends; but then again, they wanted me to go because it was hilarious, and how often does something like this happen?! In the end, I said, “Thanks so much for asking, and I’d really like to, but I flew in from LA to be with my friends who just got married today, so I can’t go.” He said, “I understand,” and then Johnny took a picture of us. I was wearing a seafoam green silk asian long dress for the wedding and had curled my platinum blonde hair, so I totally looked dressed and ready for prom. Part of me will always wish I went, but I couldn’t picture leaving my friends, being a 30 year old trapped in Euless at the prom without any booze! (I’m not gonna lie, the lack of wine at the prom and thinking what a buzzkill that would be was a big factor in my decision!)

I scoured my house this week looking for that cocktail napkin he wrote the note on. I was dissappointed that I couldn’t find it. I do believe that napkin will turn up at some point. There is no way I would ever throw a great memory like that away.

(Later that night, I ended up meeting up with one of my best gay friends and a zany gay couple at a popular gay dance club. I had a blast, knew the DJ from when I was a teenager, and the rest of the night really was more my speed. I’d almost always rather go dance with the gays than go to prom! haha)


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